The Magic of Showing Up & Doing Things

This has been the year of getting things done. And the more I do, the more the world continues to open up to me. It's Big Magic as Elizabeth Gilbert would say. I keep showing up and magic keeps happening. It's too bad I had to get so far down the road in life to figure this out, but better late than never! 

I'm going to hit 500 sketches in my 10000 sketches project before the end of this month. I can't even believe that I'm nearly 5% done. I do the work every day. And it's small work, but it's important to me and I've learned so much. Not just about how to draw but about how to be persistent and follow through. How to show up even when you don't feel like it. This is where magic really happens.

There's also an exciting collaboration going on over here with Nikki Cade. Nikki is a fabulous artist based in Texas. We met last year in Italy and are now collaborating on a series of paintings that will be released in the early summer this year. I could not be more excited about this project. Nikki's aesthetic and magical paintings are inspiring and I can't wait to see what we're able to do together.

I have never lived so creatively and this had made all the difference in my life. This is what I need. I still lose a lot of sleep, but now I'm losing sleep not because I'm worrying about things, but because I lay awake thinking about all the things I want to paint, sketch and create. It's a great life and I feel lucky to be able to call it mine. 

There are big fluffy flakes falling in Denver right now. I'm hanging out at The Molecule Effect  drinking coffee, writing to you and lining out future art projects. 

Carry on creatives and make something magical today!