Last year I gave up my apartment in Denver before heading to Antarctica. Now that I'm back, I'm living on the road never staying in any one place for very long. I've rented a house on Manitoulin Island in Ontario for half of the summer and the remainder of my time I'm spending floating between Denver, Nashville and a few other places. I miss having my own space to anchor myself to, but there are few things I love as much as traveling so the tradeoff has been worth it. 

My project 10000sketches began in earnest in August (2015) and has been a little slower going than I anticipated. I didn't hire a virtual assistant for the 5 months I was in Antarctica this year so I stopped posting altogether for a while. But now I'm back at it and it feels good. Time to move this project along.... I'd like to finish it by 2025.

My big focus right now is on create digital works of art combining my paintings and my photographs. For me, this is an exciting turn in my art work and consequently I'm not getting much sleep because of it. 

In May I headed to Ireland. It was full of sunny days, castles and lots of cider. It was a great way to close out spring this year and provided endless photo ops.